Genano introduces air cleaner in the agric sector

In 2010 Genano Benelux installed a GENANO 1000 air purifier at the Research Farm in Geel, Belgium. The aim was clean the indoor air quality in the poultry stable as well as possible.

Through air ducts, the air was circulated and purified in the stable. The present extraction fans continued their normal work regime. The air pollution is filtered, and is immediately discharged to container.

After installation, the 1000 GENANO was sampled and analyzed by Genano and ILVO. Also Dutch researchers analyzed the effectiveness of the GENANO 1000.

Ventilatie stallen

A synthesis of the results was published in the magazine Landbouw & Techniek. There was a significant reduction in the respirable and inhalable dust measured in the stable. If you are interested in a digital copy of the article (Dutch), please contact us.

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