GENANO 1000 Industrial Air Cleaner

GENANO 1000 luchtzuiveringseenheid opstellingThe GENANO 1000 series air cleaning units, based on Genano®-technologiy, can be used to purify unlimited volumes of air in new or existing buildings.

The GENANO 1000 air cleaners are being made tailor made for the specific needs of our customers.

Specific advantages of the GENANO 1000 air cleaners:

  • extra pure air thanks to highly efficient Genano®-technology.
  • low operational costs
  • easy maintenance
  • no risk on product contamination
  • unlimited by relative humidity
  • unlimited by temperature

Information and logics of the air cleaner (such as alarms, servicing times, …) can be linked to a central computer.

GENANO 1000 luchtzuiveringseenheid schema

GENANO 1000 luchtzuiveringseenheid schema